Thunder Road & Backstreets


Illustration for Thuder Road #2, November 1978, based on Springsteen's spoken introduction to "Thunder Road," Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ, September 19, 1978. Available as a deluxe print.

"There was this Robert Mitchum was about these moonshine runners down
south...I never saw the movie, I only saw the poster in the lobby at the theater...and I took the title
when i wrote this song...but I didn't think there was ever a place that was like what I wrote in this
song...I didn't know if there was or not...and we were out in the desert over the summertime, driving to
Nevada...and we came upon this house on the side of the road this Indian had built...had a big picture
of Geronimo out front with 'Landlord' over the top...had a big sign, said 'This is the land of peace, love,
justice and no mercy,' and it pointed down this little dirt road that said 'Thunder Road.'"



Thunder Road
final, double issue, #6-7, Fall 1982;

Backstreets issue #47, Fall 1994. I designed and illustrated the wraparound cover. I also wrote and edited the full page article entitled "Springsteen's secret alter-ego: Larger Than Life."


Wraparound cover of Backstreets #47, Fall 1994.