Arlen at SDCC

By Bob Bretall
July 31, 2014 Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

I do my site ComicSpectrum because I love comics. Same thing with the 6+ years I spent doing the ComicBookPage podcast. But it's not just the love of comics, it's trying to spread the word that there is some seriously good stuff going on in comics, it's not just a throw away medium for kids. Comics are a unique art-form that deserve to be taken every bit as seriously as any other form of artistic expression. This panel by Arlen Schumer really spoke to me. Arlen's multi-media presentation with visuals, music, and his powerful narrative descriptions blew me away, it's the best all-purpose panel about comics as an art form I've ever attended. The man has showmanship down pat. He expressed beautifully what I have felt for many years. If you ever get a chance to hear Arlen talk about comics, do it! Comparing Degas & Carmine Infantino? I love it! The fact that I collect Pieta homage comic covers and he had a section of the talk touch on the Pieta was a bonus!

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