It's dedicated to THE SILVER AGE OF COMIC BOOK ART, my comic book art history book that was originally published in 2003—it won the Independent Book Publishers Award for Best Pop Culture Book of that year—and is due to be republished later this summer/fall, in a revised (as in all the typography) hardcover (with a few surprises for those who have the original hardcover; for those who have the original softcover, you'll now be getting the 16 extra pages only in the hardcover!) and digital/e-book editions (the colorful images literally leap off the screen)!

Become a member here and you'll be the first to know when the book's available for sale—and those who leave their name in the comments section of this pinned post will reserve one of 200 signed & drawn-in hardcovers!

Of course, this group will be mainly a forum for discussing all things Silver Age (and as members of my other Facebook group, Neal Adams Almanack: are aware, it's Show & Tell here as well: there will be no posting of an image here without a verbal comment, and vice-versa). Let the Silver Age activity begin!

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